Spring Backyard Cleaning Tips

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Winter has left, and spring has sprung!  As you emerge into the backyard, the thoughts of cookouts, barbeques, swimming, and enjoying time with mother nature start to creep into the horizon.  That being said, your backyard may need a bit of cleaning in preparation for outdoor entertaining and spring planting.  In this article, we'll explore some easy, starter backyard cleaning tips!

Winter has left and Spring, with its crispness and fragrant breezes is on the horizon.  As you emerge from quasi-hibernation, and start yearning for fun backyard activities like cookouts, games, star gazing, swimming, and relaxing on a lush green lawn, your backyard may be in need of a bit of cleaning in preparation for outdoor entertaining and spring planting.  Therefore, you might want to add the following spring backyard cleaning activities to your spring cleaning list.

De-clutter Your Garage, Shed, and Backyard

There's no faster way to revitalize your backyard than by removing unnecessary items.  Clutter can make your backyard appear smaller and limit your space.  Whether its maintenance tools like pruners, garden hoses, shovels, unused containers, or toys; store them in a designated safe storage space like a hose storage unit, patio deck box, the shed, or the garage for instant de-cluttering.

Conduct Some Patio Maintenance

Patios are the perfect lounging spaces for you to mingle with guests in the outdoors, without leaving your home.  You should therefore always keep your patio cushions and furniture in mint condition.  If you've stored your cushions in a storage unit, remove and wash them.  It's best to give all patio furniture a wash down in early spring, too.  Great tools like a Ray Padula Tiny Giant blasting nozzle, or a Power Blaster wand turns your regular garden hose into a powerful, cleaning and rinsing tool.

Strive Toward a Perfectly Manicured Lawn

Did you know that your lawn needs a good cleaning as well each Spring?  This is done by a process called de-thatching and aerating.  Get your lawnmower ready for spring, and set it to trim a little closer than usual.  You may use a bow rake or a thatching rake to de-thatch your lawn manually, or rent a power rake if you're covering a larger area.  Once you've de-thatched your lawn (removed all dead grass clippings that are lodged between and at the base of lawn blades), be sure to rake up and clear any remnants.

Aerating your lawn also provides some great early Spring benefits.  Aeration enables improved air and water flow into the soil.  Don't forget to remove any dead or patchy areas of the lawn, and throw down some new seed to create a lush carpet of green.

Give your Garden Some TLC

Winter's harsh winds may have left your flowerbeds packed with muck that needs removing before you can prepare your flower beds for spring planting.  Simplify your clean-up by using a garden cart to transport tools and debris, and don't forget to remove all sticks, twigs, leaves, and any early-sprouting weeds.

Utilize an organic, non-selective herbicide like vinegar to remove Dandelion weeds.  If this doesn't work, use a handheld weeder to lift and remove the weeds, including the roots.  If you are going to use a weed killer, be sure to read and follow all instructions on the label, and be sure to choose a weed killer that won't harm surrounding plants and lawn.

Clean Your Entertaining Areas

If you plan on having regular summer cookouts, start getting your grill sparkly clean for a season of endless fun.  Begin by cleaning the whole grill to remove any carbon deposits from previous cooking endeavors.  This includes the grates, burner tubes, flavoring bars, your grill's hood, and the inside of the firebox.  Carbon deposits can harbor bacteria, making cleaning essential.

Always avoid using toxic chemicals to clean your grill.  Instead, use some dish-washing soap and water.  You'll also need a wire brush, some gloves, and cleaning sponges.  For a grill with a stainless steel exterior, you can also use a stainless steel cleaning for additional shine.


Legal Disclosure:

This post is provided for informational, educational purposes only. This information is intended to provide general guidelines. Because tools, products, materials, techniques, and local codes are constantly changing, Ray Padula Holdings assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein and disclaims any liability for the omissions, errors, or outcomes of any projects or tasks completed. It is the responsibility of the reader to ensure compliance with all local laws, rules, codes, and regulations for any projects completed. If there are any questions or doubts regarding any elements of any information provided, consult a local, licensed professional.

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