50 ft. FlexLite Premium Lightweight Hose with Thumb Control 8-Pattern Hose Nozzle Set (2-Pack)


50 ft. FlexLite Premium Lightweight Hose with Thumb Control 8-Pattern Hose Nozzle Set (2-Pack)


Item Highlights

  • ● Convenient 2-Pack includes (1) 50 ft. FlexLite hose, and (1) Thumb Control 8-Pattern Nozzle
  • ● The premium performance of traditional vinyl hoses with a lightweight design!
  • ● Innovative, extra large Comfi-Grip swivel coupling for the easiest faucet attachment!
  • ● Innovative Thumb Control triggerless design
Save 7%


When it comes to ultimate garden hose performance, with a light-weight design, look no further than Ray Padula FlexLite. FlexLite premium lightweight hoses are designed to offer the same durability, functionality, and full-flow performance as heavy-duty traditional vinyl hoses with over 50% lighter weight construction. The ultra-flexible, compact design is easy to maneuver, store, and transport around the yard. The all new extra-large Comfi-Grip swivel couplings allows for the easiest faucet attachment, even with wet or gloved hands. This coupling is designed with a full grip swivel eliminating the need for any tools to create a watertight connection at the faucet, while crush-proof couplings last season-after-season. Best of all, the extra-large male swivel coupling allows for the easiest attachment of nozzles, wands, or other watering accessories! Other great features include an abrasion, puncture, and tear resistant outer jacket with a high, 600 PSI burst strength, making this hose a great choice for all tasks around the yard and jobsite. Exclusive Water Guard Technology ensures a leak free operation with every use, while Kink Shield Technology prevents kinking and twisting of your hose during use. FlexLite hoses also feature crush-proof aluminum couplings, a drinking water safe construction, as well as the ability to remain full flexible in temperatures as low as 35 deg. F. One more great feature? A lifetime warranty. Ray Padula FlexLite hoses are quickly becoming a go-to choice for gardeners around the world. 1/2 in. diameter, 50 ft. length.


Product Highlights Ray Padula SteelFlex metal lightweight hose

Premium, lightweight hose

offers the same functionality of traditional hoses with 50% lighter weight

Ray Padula Hybrid SteelFlex 304 construction

Extra-large, Comfi-Grip swivel coupling

allows for the easiest faucet attachment – even with wet hands or gloved hands!

Ray Padula SteelFlex compact, lightweight design

Compact, size and weight

is easy to carry, and store

Ray Padula SteelFlex puncture proof

Puncture, cut and abrasion proof

outer jacket won’t tear, puncture, or split – lasts season-after-season

Ray Padula SteelFlex Hose Kink Shield Technology

Kink Shield Technology

prevents kinking and twisting of your hose during use

Ray Padula SteelFlex Water Guard Technology

Water Guard Technology

for a leak free operation every time. No wasteful watering!

Ray Padula SteelFlex Hose Lays Flat

Extra-large, Comfi-Grip male swivel coupling

allows for the easiest attachment of nozzles and watering accessories

Ray Padula SteelFlex Nozzles

Works with all nozzles, sprinklers, and hose reels

just like a traditional vinyl garden hose

Ray Padula SteelFlex corrosion resistant

Consistent full flow

comparable to all vinyl garden hoses

Ray Padula SteelFlex cool to the touch

Premium duty construction

with ultra-high 600 PSI burst strength

Ray Padula SteelFlex many uses

Drinking water safe

construction complies with Consumer Product Safety Improvement act

Ray Padula SteelFlex sprinklers

Crush-proof aluminum couplings

last season-after-season

Ray Padula SteelFlex many uses

Kink free hose saver

The large Comfi-Grip swivel coupling prevents kinking of your hose at the faucet

Ray Padula SteelFlex sprinklers

Remains fully flexible

in temperatures as low as 35 deg F.


Product Dimensions

Product Width (in.)


Product Height (in.)


Product Depth (in.)


Product Weight (lbs.)




Ray Padula

Hose Length (ft.)


Hose Diameter (in.)

1/2 in.

Hose Type

Premium Fabric

Hose Material


Hose Coupling Material


Hose Coupling Type

Large, Ergo Swivel

Crush Proof Coupling


Duty Level


No. of Ply


Burst Pressure (PSI)


Reinforced Knitting


Antimicrobial Coating


Hot Water Use


Kink Resistant


Leak Free


Drinking Water Safe


UV Resistant


Expands and Contracts


CA Residents – Prop 65 Warning(s)



Residential / Commercial

Item Includes

(1) Hose & (1) Nozzle

Warranty / Refunds



Return Policy


Model Numbers

Model Number(s)


Model Number Notes

Some items may have more than one model number. Different model number prefixes are used based on where an item is sold to distinguish different packaging, colors, or regions for in-store retailers. Product, specs, and features are the same.

Follow these product instructions and care tips for the best use of your Ray Padula FlexLite premium lightweight hose. Have any other questions? Feel free to give us a call at 1-866-446-2063, or email support@raypadula.com. We're standing by and ready to help!

First Use Tips! For easy use, follow these FlexLite hose break-in procedures…
  • Make sure the washer is firmly in place inside the female coupling, and then attached your hose to the faucet. The washer must be firmly in place before attaching to the faucet to prevent leaks.

  • Uncoil and straighten your hose to full length.

  • Attach your hose to the faucet, and then attach a hose nozzle.

  • With the water flowing, pull hose straight to remove any twists caused by the packaging.

  • Turn off water flow, release pressure at the nozzle, and coil as usual.

FlexLite Hose Care & Use Tips Follow these tips to extend the life of your Ray Padula FlexLite hose…
  • Never leave your hose pressurized while un-attended.

  • Remove your hose from the faucet, completely drain of water, and store indoors before and during freezing weather.

  • Be sure to store your garden hose in a hose reel, on a hose hanger, or in a hose pot. This helps keep your hose safely secure and out of the elements when not in use.

  • If hanging your hose, make sure to store your hose in loose, large loops, such as on a hose hanger. Avoid hanging your hose on a nail, screw or rod, which forces all hanging pressure to a central spot on your hose. This may cause kinks and weak points to develop.

  • To ensure a leak-free operation, be sure the washer is firmly in place inside the female coupling. If you notice wear or tear on the washer, it can be removed and replaced for a leak free seal every time.

  • Be sure to release water pressure when finished watering with a nozzle, especially before coiling your hose. Coiling your hose under pressure may cause tears, weak spots or punctures.

  • Keep your hose in the shade whenever possible, especially in hot summer months. Water left in your hose in direct sunlight has the potential to expand, potentially damaging the hose.

  • Never use your FlexLite hose with hot water.

  • Did you know there’s one simple step you can take throughout the season to ensure a leak-free seal every time you use your hose? By disconnecting and re-connecting your FlexLite hose from any metal faucet or hose accessory, such as a nozzle, at least 3-4 times per year allows the washer to retain a proper seal. This also allows for loosening of any possible corrosion that may have formed from various weather and outdoor elements which can sometimes cause the hose to fuse to the faucet or hose attachments.

Garden with Confidence Guarantee

At Ray Padula, our goal is to provide world-class, quality, innovative, enjoyable products designed to help you grow your backyard masterpiece.  We hope that you will never experience a problem with our products.  We consistently test products during production, after production, and even after they're shipped to ensure our high quality standards.  But even then, we understand that the outdoors and garden can be a harsh environment with many different variables that may diminish a product's lifespan.  

All Ray Padula products carry an industry leading, excellent warranty.  If there's ever a problem with our products, we're always standing by and ready to help resolve it as quickly as we can.

Submitting a Warranty Claim
To quickly and easily place a warranty claim 24/7, please visit the Warranty Center.  You may also give us a call at 1-866-446-2063, or send an email to support@raypadula.com.

Ray Padula products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer owns the product, for the length of time noted on each individual item's packaging, or the raypadula.com website. This warranty does not cover any damage that arises from normal wear and tear, color fading, or damage occurring due to misuse or negligent care. At Ray Padula Holdings' option, defective product will be repaired, replaced, or substituted with a product of equal value, free of charge. Ray Padula Holdings shall in no event, under any circumstances, be liable or responsible for any incidental or consequential damages in any form, that may arise from the use, or misuse, of our products. For warranty service, please complete, and submit the warranty claim form found at raypadula.com. You may also email us at support@raypadula.com, or give us a call at 1-866-446-2063. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which may vary from state to state. Proof of purchase, and photo(s) clearly illustrating any product issue(s) described in your claim is required for all warranty processing.

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